Portable Hospice Unit

  This pre-fabrication project is designed for those who are in need of end-of-life care but are not in a situation where they can be relocated to a hospice center. This building is a portable paliative care unit that is supposed to be delivered to the patientís home, or the home of a relative that the patient can stay with.


  One of the major problems that I encountered when designing the pod is the versatility needed to expand the user base. In order for the pod to become cost-effective it needed to be suitable for many climates and support the many needs of the patient.


  The places where the pods would be most needed would probably be more rural areas or areas that could have a harsh climate. The Pod is designed to allow in optimal light during the day to passively heat the unit and the slats on the windows are used to block the sun during the hottest parts of the day to reduce the heat load. The walls are a system of insulated panels that can be replaced with different panels containing more, or less insulation depending on the climate.